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P O. Box 281 
Auburn, MA 01501-0281 







P.O. BOX 281 
AUBURN, MA 01501-0281 
Phone: (508)832-9709 Fax: (508)832-2992 


Closing date: Thursday, June 29, 2006, midnight east coast time 

1. There are no buyer's fees in this sale. 

2. All items are guaranteed genuine, unless otherwise marked. 

3. All bids must be received by closing date of the sale, 6-29-2006. 

4 Phone bids will be accepted up until midnight EST on 6-29-2006 

5. High bids will be revealed, but require at least a 10% advance. 

6. Bids above $25 will be reduced when possible, but no more than 25%. 

7. Returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt of your items, and must be in our original holders. 

8 Personal checks must clear before shipment if you are not known to us. In the case of bank 

checks and money orders, items are shipped within 48 hours. 

9. High bidders must pay postage and insurance costs which will be added to the invoice. AND: 


10. Lay-aways can be arranged Call for terms 

11. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid or withdraw any lot. 

12. Placing a bid in this sale constitutes acceptance of the above terms. 

13. Non-bidders of 3 consecutive sales will be removed from our mailing list. To remain on our 

list, please send $12 to receive the next 6 issues 

BOB MOFFATT - Mail Bid Sale #68, Closing Date: Thursday, June 29, 2006 

P.O. Box 281 

Auburn, MA 01501-0281 



Lot# Bid Lot# Bid Lot# Bid Lot# Bid 

Please use reverse side for additional bids. Send $1.00 for listing of prices realized. 


1 1866 silver Boston city medal This medal was specifically awarded 

to female students. Obv shows city view, says “City Medal". Rev 
awarded to (engr) Ella D Googins”. 1-5/16”, designed by Mitchell, 
"struck by U S. Mint. XF, no loop Sallay #C-8, rarity 4 See #78 

2. Original Hobo nickel, excellent quality on 1927-S Buffalo nickel Hat, 
brim, hair, beard, ear, collar, spectacles. Cross-hatched fields. I believe 
this to be old and original, however, there are some very deceptive 
modern pieces out there. Extremely good quality. Mm $100. 

3. WWI Appreciation medal Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and 
Enginemen Top bar “Our Country". Drop shows Liberty placing wreath 
on warrior, train in background, “1914-1919”. Bronze, VA", XF W&H 

4 Homemade coin locket from Peace Dollar 1920s dollar has been 
reduced in size to form a frame enclosing a photograph of a yachtsman, 
boat in background Rims of coin protect photo 1-5/16", VF Neat! 

5. Rare 1906 $214 Liberty gold popout lady's ring Pop-out is Liberty 
head, high points are worn, nose and mouth smooth, otherwise VF. 10K 
expandable band All popout gold coins are rare. Min.$250. 

6 Military token, 55 th Infantry Exchange 1917 (Ft Oglethorpe, Georgia)/ 
Good for 50 in Trade Brass, 20mm, beaded border, F Cunningham #GA 
430a. Cat. $35 

7. 1910 Civil War-related elongated cent “Dedication State Monument, 
Gettysburg PA”, monument shown On 1910 Lincoln cent Martin-Dow# 
J'ENget2, rarity 6. Unholed VF 

8. Scarce high grade Canadian token with U S. tie-in. “Ships, Colonies, & 
Commerce” Ship obv with U S flag Charlton #PE10E2. AU with luster. 
Weakly struck as are most XF Cat $50, Unc $250. Est. $100+. Nice! 

9 1890 silver engraved Rowing Medal, “First Prize Single Scull Race, 
Newton Center, Mass. July 4, 1890”. Round, 114”, fancy border, uniface, 
holed as made with ring Toned XF 

10 State of New Jersey gold-filled and enameled badge Wreath- 
shaped with eagle. “Steward, Department of Institutions & Agencies" in 
blue enamel State seal in center. 114”, flat back. Circa 1910 

11 Mechanical gold mining souvenir spoon Top of handle is miniature 
winch that turns. Bottom of handle has ore in bucket, simulated nugget. 
Packed burro in bowl, engr “Denver 1907”. Sterling, 6", XF. Sought after, 
Auction records $250 plus See #29 _ 

12 Connecticut tavern good-for token Brown Derby, 298 Oak St, 

New Britain Conn./Good for 100 in Trade. Aluminum, 22mm, beaded 
border, XF 8 available. 

13. Racketeer nickel Gold-plated 1883 no-cents Liberty nickel set in to 
a $5 goldpiece bezel Coin & bezel XF. Neat historical piece. 

Bob Moffatt, Telephone 508-832-9709 Mail Bid Auction 68 closing Thursday, June 
29, 2006 12 o’clock midnight east coast time 

14 Mint error. 1911 Great Britain half-penny. Defective planchet with 
hole at top of head on obv, and before face of Britannia rev NGC certified 
and graded MS64 brown. See #2 L 

15 Old pictorial Merry-Go-Round token Crescent Park (Providence Rl) 
Horse & rider obv, “Good for one ride”. Brass, 1” F, star canceled. 

Atwood Coffee #Providence700A Original, not a copy. 

16 1880-S encased silver dollar Casino key chain Harrah’s Club, 
Reno and Lake Tahoe Coin charcoal toned AU. 

17. 1883 enameled Hawaiian half-dollar pm. Shield - dark green, yellow, 
red, white, blue enameling/ silver band with W hallmark Originally this 
was a buckle, pin added circa 1920. Excellent condition. Min.$200. 

18 1787 Connecticut colonial copper Draped bust left/ Et-Lir variety 
M#34-ff. Rarity 5. Cleaned, porous, VG, typical planchet striations. 

19 Connecticut State Agricultural Society award medal Bronze, 3”, 
1891, engr“L M. Wells, Wethersfield, Herd Premium Ayrshires’Vradiant 
Liberty figure, train, cornucopia, wheat, etc., state seal. Unc, fitted case 
By Sloan, Hartford 

20. Scarce California druggist counterstamp on S mint seated Liberty 
quarter. "J L Polhemus Druggist, 190 J St cor. 7 th , Sacramento Cal” with 
mortise and pestle. Counterstamp F, host coin AG with marks. Min $250 

21 1905 Lewis & Clark Centennial so-called dollar Obv conjoined 

bust of Lewis and Clark. Rev U S. Government Bldg. 1-3/8”, Bronze, 
iridescent AU HK329. Listed as rare 

( 22 1931 Philadelphia parochial school 1/2 mile relay award medal 

BylVickenzie (Olympic medal designer). Navy & maroon ribbon, gold 
filled drop w/ Benj. Franklin, contestants Overall 3”, AU 

23. 1860 Geo. Washington U S Mint medal. Washington Cabinet of 
Medals. Profile of G.W. right, by Paquet/ cabinet shown. 60mm, red 
mahogany orig’l striking, choice-Unc. Julian #MT23. Est. $100+. See#48 

24 Colorful adv’g pinback button The Tubular Cream Separator, 
mother & child operating separator. 1%”, W&H Excellent condition. 

25 Adv’g note, simulated $20 bill Cliff & Esther French, Bradford 
Vermont. 1929 Buick parts bought & sold. Buick shown. 3%"x2V2”, folded 
to appear genuine. Circa 1960s. 6 available. See #86 

26. 1887 error Liberty nickel. Struck 12% off center. Fine condition. 
Neat old error. Min. $125. See #14 

27 Copy of a 1900 Victor Colorado Lesher dollar Issued in support 
of Lesher House restoration. 1 oz silver, 1-3/8” octagon, Unc. #409. 
Sponsored by ANA 

28 1859 Indian cent with 2 counterstamps “J.F. Cobb”, Brunk #8470 
Rev “J C. Spring” unlisted Both from prepared punch. Coin VG, C/Ss VF 

29 Named silver GAR souvenir spoon Handle has eagle, crossed 
cannons, flag, GAR insignia, crossed rifle and sword Bowl engraved 
“C.P Snow Co C 38 th Iowa Inf. Vol. enl Aug. 1862, dis. 1865”. 5V<", 

excellent condition. Est. $300+. See #11 

33. Counterfeit U.S. coin 1916D Mercury dime, someone added D mint 
mark to a 1916P Mercury dime creating a rarity. Well done, deceptive G. 

34 George Washington, General of the Armies, medalette Profile % 
leftf General of the American Armies 1775, resigned command 1783, 
elected President 1789”. 18mm, Unc, gilt (unlisted in gilt) Baker 76E 

35. 1915 Panama-Pacific International Expo award medal. Metaphoric 
couple greeting each other between oceans. Rev Expo gate with palm 
branches. 2 3 A'\ designed by John Flanagan, chocolate-bronze, AU. 

30 Encased Large Cent, or 510 piece A 1914 Barber half dol'ar has 
been hollowed out on the rev and inset with U.S. large cent ca 1850. Well 
done - may be a magician’s or pocket piece. Good/Fine 

31 French bronze art medal with Fishing theme Idyllic couple on river 
in boat. Rev setting with fishing gear and catch. 2”, by Baudichon, struck 
by Paris Mint, ca 1920, AU 

36. Fire badge Shelton (Connecticut) Pine Rock Park F D 4 Cross 
shaped, nickel, 2”, XF Ca 1940 See #10. 

37 Colorado exploder token Carbon Coal Coke Company Good for 
25cts with fuse Edkins #ColoMX17, rarity 3. Holed at center and top. 
Aluminum, 29mm, VF 3 available. 

38. Scarce Henry Clay 1832 presidential medal. Draped bust of Clay 
right/wreath with bio info. White metal, 1-5/8”, holed as made, VF with 
dark areas. By Charles Cushing Wright Sullivan#HC1832-1 Classic 
rarity. Est.$300+ _ 

39 1933 Century of Progress so-called dollar with Deco design 

Seated Liberty figure with log cabin and sky scrapers, deco eagle above, 
spoked wheel background/fair aerial view IV 2 ”, bronze, AU-Unc. HK#467 

40 Silver Masonic chapter penny Rhinelander Royal Arch Chapter, 
Rhinelander Wis. Keystone and tools rev, “Whatsoever is right that shall 
ye received”. Toned AU, 1-3/16”. King#7118 See #57 

32. Elaborate Sauer’s Extracts, Richmond VA watch fob 13 miniatures 
of awards won. Top eagle, company logo in multi-colored enamel 5 
linked drops, bottom drop has miniature enameled ribbon awards Over¬ 
all 7Vz”, brass, XF An exquisite piece. 

41 1910 Good for $2 in gold adv’g token Lackawanna Mfg Co , 
'ewburgh NY. Lackawanna valveless motor shown Brass, 1%”, AU 

42 Gold nugget and agate watch chain 12%”, the T-bar has 2 pieces 
of agate interspersed with 3 gold nuggets. The chain has 9 gold nuggets 
and 5 agate links. 2 of the agate pieces are missing, however this does 
not seem to disturb the overall look. 6.05 dwt 10K, VF Min $300. 

48 Original U S. Mint medal, Louis Agassiz (world-famous scientist). t* 
Bust right/wreath, lamp of learning, Latin inscription. Chocolate-bronze, ' 
AU, 46mm. By William Barber. Julian#PE1 See #23 ; 

49. Bone Stanhope viewer Miniature 3 />", telescope-shaped Aerial 
view of International Fair and Exposition, Detroit. Detroit maker listed. 

Image clear, but with some disturbance, otherwise XF 'v 


50 Hawaii, U.S. Navy Yard Pearl Harbor, I.D. tag #17297/rev has U S. ^ 

anchor stamp Brass, beaded border, holed as made, 1-3/8”. Ca 1940s n 

51 1898 Trans-Mississippi Expo so-called dollar. Certified by NGC 
MS63. Official Expo medal. Pioneer woman facing left/Circa 1848 Indian 
brave on horseback spearing buffalo. HK283. See #69. _ 

52 General Electric figural foot candle An actual wax candle, foot- J 
shaped, label reads “1 foot candle, G.E.”. Cardboard heel advertises 
new (circa 1950) fluorescent bulb 3”, orig. card & box. AU 2 available * 

53. Pictorial beer token, circa 1875 Williamsburgh Brewing Co (Brook-* 
lyn NY). Libertyhead as on half-cent/1 glass. Brass, 23mm, F-VF Rulau 
NY-Bk51 , Catalog $60. 

54. British anti-slavery Conder token. Kneeling black man in chains, “Am^ * * 
I not a man and a brother?”/Clasped hands, “May slavery & oppression 
cease throughout the world”. Edge “Payable in Dublin or at Ballymurtagh” 

D&H #1038. Copper, VF, 1-1/8”. _ 

43 Stack’s, NYC, simulated leatherette box for the 1937 Arkansas 
Commemorative half dollar set. The gold lettering is faded but readable. 

Inside says “Official distributors, Stack’s, New York”. 5”x2y4”, XF 

44 1864 Abraham Lincoln patriotic Civil War token Bearded Lincoln * 
left/”O.K” within linked circle. Fuld #127/248, R 4, cent-size, copper, VF . 

45 Coca Cola original bottle check for 1933 Chicago Century of Progress. 
“Chicago Concessions, Inc. World’s Fair, Chicago lllinoisVThis check and 
empty Coca-Cola bottle Good For 50 at our stands”. Brass, 1", XF 

46 British copy of Goetz German Lusitania medal Obv skeleton 
selling tickets, rev Lusitania sinking Charcoal cast-iron, Unc., 2-1/8”. 
Original box with description. 

47 1836 Calais, Maine obsolete bank note The Washington County 
Bank $10 note. Black and white, onionskin paper. Central vignette shows 
Mercury, port scene. VF, couple minor pin holes, uniface. Haxby G28. 


55. J 1938 New Haven, Connecticut 300 lh anniv medal City scene ca 
1938/founding scene with settlers, ca 1638. Silvered, 1!4", Unc., original 
Nbox. By Kilenyi 6 available 

56. Scarce U S Grant 1868 shell badge. Stamped brass, military bust of 
Grant left, “Let us have peace”. DeWitt #USG1868-44 Small hole at top 
of head, pin missing 1!4”, XF Ex-Gingerich. 

57 Elaborate Masonic chapter penny made from 1853 U.S. large 
cent. Rev planed and engraved “Wilbur D. Lunsford, Price Hill Chapter, 

R A M ”, central silver keystone & owner’s mark attached Coin G, Engr F 

58 1906 Holbrook Grocery Co. banquet guest badge Top pin is a 

1 %” Worcester Salt cell’d adv’g pinback button showing salt bag and tram. 
Silk red ribbon, black print. Overall 5!4”, excellent condition 

59 1907 silver Harvard Club medal Delta Phi Psi Obv shield, pipe & 
mug Rev owl, Greek letters Engr “J B Russell" Triangular, 2-1/8” XF 
Storer does not list a silver medal for this club, presumably scarce 

60. 3 counterfeit dollars *1840 seated dollar, cast, composition metal 
with slight ring, some age, VF *1876S Trade dollar, cast, modern copy 
from China, XF *1886-0 old brass cast Morgan dollar, VG, plating gone 

61 Good Luck pendant made from 1898 gold-plated Indian cent, 

circular cut-out behind head inserted with green enameled 4-leaf clover. 
Loop on top. AU A nice piece. 

b2. 1892 Irish gilt & silver union badge. IYa". Ulster Unionist Convention. 
Female figure, banner, lion & harp in background/Crown and shields 
Silver rope-style border, no t-bar pin AU Fitted case, by Sexton, Dublin 

63 American Indian arrowhead Hopkins County, TX Bird point made 
of jasper, excellent quality, 1”x5/8”. 1943 purchase info & envelope 

64 1948 Remember the Maine 50 th anniv so-called half dollar Battle¬ 
ship Maine//Morro Castle, Havana Cuba. Nickel, Unc. 1%". 15 available 

65. 1907 encased Indian cent advertising mirror, 1%”, white on brown. 
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co., “Pennies saved each day will insure 
your life". Cent is red & brown MS64 By Culver Mfg. Co., Chicago. 

66 German klippe-style silver cut-out 19 th Century religious medal 

Triangular, Ya", F, looped at one time Herald in cut-out archway, German 
religious inscription. 

67 1837 half-penny Hard Times token Heraldic eagle, “U.S Standard 
Weight & Value’VStars and wreath, ’’Half cent worth of pure copper" VF, 
some obv stains. Listed in Red Book. Cat. $80. See #93. 

gleaned XF, M#202, realized $750. 

68. 1905 Federal Indian Wars medal. Indian warrior on horseback/Eagle, 
“For Service, Army”. Edge: M No. 42. First style ribbon. Red with 
deeper crimson edges. Vernon 6. 2%”, AU. Stack’s Jan. 2004, lot 2357, 

69 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo (Seattle) U S Govern’t So-Called 
Dollar 3 ladies representing Travel, Trade and Commerce/U S Govern- 
ment Building. HK#267. Brass, reeded edge, 1-7/16”, Ch-Unc. See #51 

70 1905 GAR 39 lh National Encampment, Denver, bronze medal 

Pike's Peak/wreath, encampment info 3”, AU lacquered. See #29. 

71 1840 large cent, obv counterstamped N. Pratt (Nathan Pratt, silver¬ 
smith, Essex CT). Brunk# P-689. Coin holed F, c/s VF. Cat.$75-$125 

72. Early, circa 1900, French Auto Racing award medal. Silvered bronze 
Young racer at wheel, flowing cape/oak, palm branches, unawarded. 
50mm, Paris Mint edge mark, XF. By Rasumny. Nice work. Min. $100. 

73. 1864 McClellan presidential and Civil War token Military bust left/ 
eagle on globe. Copper, cent-size, Unc., struck slightly off-center. 

Sullivan #GMcC1864-33. Fuld #138/434a Duel purpose, political & C.W. 

74 National Rifle Association, Great Britiain 1860 recruit medal 
Archer, ca 1500, soldier ca 1860/wreath Bronze, Unc 114”. By Waterlow 
& Sons, Ltd. 

75. San Francisco adv’g token, Liberty spielmark obv. Newman Bro. 
Importers of Toys & Baskets, San Francisco Rulau CA-Sf50 Brass, 
20mm, F, couple small scratches on rev blend in. Cat $250. See #20 

76 Railroad cell’d pinback button The Saratoga Ltd (shown), June 23, 
1900 New York Central. 114”. sepia photo, VF See #24 

77. Personalized love token on 1912D Barber half Head and eagle re- 
engraved, headband now reads “Norman Gifford”, on neck “Oct. 5”, just 
above year on coin. A birth or anniversary piece. Quality, VF. 

78. 1858 Boston silver school medal. “The gift of Franklin”, his profile left, 
1790 in Roman numerals below. Rev engr “Oscar A Rice”. 1-5/16", 
looped, toned-AU, rev rim ding. Struck by U S. Mint, designed by Mitchell. 

79 Unlisted counterstamps on 1812 classic large cent L Foster, 
from prepared punch, before face. F.S. behind head. Com G, C/s’s F 


80 1922D encased cent, Clinton Missouri The Brinkerhoff-Faris Trust 
& Savings Co. Alum., horseshoe-shaped, F. Scarce date encasement 

81. Set of 41 silver Medallic Art presidential art medals. Washington 
through Clinton. In 2 Whitman books plus 1 page Each 114", #4563, 
Unc., each approx 8/10 oz .999 fine silver Min $425 _ 

82 Shirley Temple, California Dental cell’d pinback button Young 
Shirley in police hat & collar, toothbrush in background. “Los Angeles 
County Health”. 7/8”, dark blue on cream, excellent condition. 

83 1923 German inflation medal Family grieving, field of thorns in 
background/sinking ship, “A pound of bread costs 260,000 marks”, other 
examples, in German. Bronze, 114”, XF. 

86 Connecticut adv’g obsolete bank note Fantasy $100 bill by Laurel 
Bank, Laurel Conn.. Whaling scene, Liberty, Charter Oak/ad for Connec¬ 
ticut Banker’s Assn. 1963, 100 th anniv of National Currency Act. 

7%"x3%", Unc. 6 available. See #25 

19 WWI Detroit "Died in Service” memorial medal Kneeling Miss 
at Grave Site, angel overhead, Latin inscription/”ln memory of one 
who died in the cause of freedom and humanity”. Cast bronze, 2 3 A”, XF 
By Manship Scarce - most not on market 


'v ■ s ft 

91 Society of Medalists 1973 bronze issue 87 Soldier carrying 
wounded buddy over shoulder/Musician in playing guitar. By Mico 
Kaufman, struck by Medallic Art 2-7/8”, AU with tarnish. 

92. Engraved silver golf spoon Gilt medallion top of handle shows 
golfer/rev engr “Norton (Co. Worcester MA) International Golf Match 1965, 
W. Casper (Billy Casper?). Bowl also gilt 4%”, hallmarked J.T.&Co. 

88 Alaska Gold Rush real photo stereoview card Miners and dog 
sled team “Our faithful friends on the summit on the Chilcoot Pass, 

Alaska”. 1899, by Kilburn, Littleton N H Fine condition See #42 

89 1892 Columbian Expo Discovery of America medal Head of 
Columbus right, within wreath/shows U S presidents from Washington to 
Cleveland Rulau X6. bronze plated white metal, 2-3/16”, AU-Unc. Cat.$75 

84. 1911 Longfellow, Grolier Club plaque, by John Flanagan. 7-3/8”x5 3 /4” 
Bronze, olive green patina, AU, rev hanging ring, stamped “Griffoul 
Founder’s”. Est. $300+. See #35 

85 3 Hawaiian tokens, all Unc *1959 Statehood, Good for $1 00 in 
trade, brass, I'A". ‘Two 1973 Honolulu Hawaiian dollars, VA", King 
Kamehameha I/Beach scene, one is bronze, one is numbered silver. 

93. Scarce high-grade Hard Times token Doremus, Suydams, & Nixon, 
NYC./Importers & Jobbers of Dry Goods. Gilt-bronze, reeded edge, 
27mm, XF. HT#258C, rarity 8. Cat.$200 See #67_ _ 

90. Civil War Sutler’s check - Rice & Byers, Redeemed in Goods to 

S oldiers Only/One dollar (in circle of stars). Brass, 1”, F with scratches 
nd some porosity. Min.$200 

94 Pre-1928 informational issue for the “new” small-size notes Lists 
11 denominations from $1 to $10,000, brown print, green ornate border. 
Rev brown ornate border Size of new bills. XF Neat! 

95 2-piece military Naval buckle Eagle on anchor - rope, star & wreath 
border. Brass, 2”. Circa 1930. New old stock. 6 available. 

96. 1988 Worthy Coin, Boston Mass, anniversary medal struck over 
1892S silver dollar. Obv copy of 1792 silver-centered cent Rev anniv 
info. Under-design clearly visible. Toned AU-Uric, as struck Very scarce 
limited issue. Min.$100. 

97 High-grade 1775 counterfeit British half-penny George III right/ 
Seated Britannia, long-neck family. Strong VF, good color. Couple old 
scratches on rev blend in 

98 Antique railroad-related gold ring Brotherhood of Railroad 
Trainmen. Colorful enameled seal on tested 10K gold ring, size 9. 
Hallmarked with eagle’s head, arrows. 5 grams. Est $75+. See 5, 76 

99 1864 Abraham Lincoln uncirculated patriotic Civil War token 
Bearded Lincoln left, with stars/” 1863, first in war, first in peace”, shows 
George Washington statue Fuld#127/177J. Nickel, AU-Unc, R5. 
Typical strike. Cat $140 See lot #44 

100 Numbered 1918 Maryland dog tax license “Dog Tax, Carroll 
Co. Md. 1918, Male”. Brass, holed as made, uniface, 1”, XF. 10 

My church is having a sports memorabilia auction on Saturday, June 17 th . Included are 
Olympic, early baseball, football, etc. Let me know if you would like a listing. Bob Moftatt Tel. 508-832-9709